One for Turbine GmbH offers not only a high level of flexibility and experience, but also special solutions for problems.

We are looking for a good technical solution for our customers that is also considered economically.

We see the customer and the constant dialogue at the center of our work.

In particular, the bundling of our competencies from engineering to construction management and our high quality awareness distinguish us as a partner.

One For Turbine GmbH is one of the few service companies that also undertakes complete overhauls of pot turbines of the AEG KANIS TYPE KR16 - KR 36 in-house.

We collect the information from the recording of the operating parameters, the vibration measurement and vibration analysis, the results of the internal and external measurements and the findings and correlate them. In this way, the causes of errors can be determined and successfully eliminated.

We have already reworked several defects on "RUN-OUT" surfaces or workings on the guide seat of grounding brushes when the shafts are installed.

This results in a short-term repair measure for the customer without having to open the turbine or bring the rotor to a lathe for rework.