The purity of the oil is of great importance for lubricating oil and control oil systems in turbine systems. The degree of contamination is determined by the size and number of particles in the oil. As part of revisions or repairs, oil flushing measures are carried out before restarting in order to avoid failures due to contamination. The degree of contamination is assessed using an optical particle count. The so-called purity classes according to ISO 4406 (1999) are defined on the basis of the number of particles. A purity class of 17/15/12 is specified for the lubricating oil for turbine systems. As a result, the oil flushing process is based on the relevant specifications.


Monitoring of the measures:

- manual tank cleaning in the event of gross contamination
- Rinsing through fine filters 4 - 6 μm using a bypass system
- Continuous sampling and particle counting during the flushing process
- Activation of the system pumps
- Oil temperature during rinsing approx. 40 - 60 ° C
- Sampling to determine the water content
- Final documentation