One for Turbine GmbH prepares extensive warehouse calculations. These may be necessary in the case of self-excited bearing vibrations as a result of e.g. Changes in the oil film due to deterioration in the quality of the oil or changes in the bearing geometries and bearing clearances.

In the case of steam turbine shaft trains, especially high-speed turbines, high demands are placed on the running stability. In addition to the rotor dynamic design, the right bearing selection, testing of the bearing loads, the rigidity and the damping properties play a central role and One for Turbine GmbH can provide successful support here.


We will provide evidence of the bearing loads, stiffness and damping when converting the bearings to e.g. Tilting pad bearings carried out and these, as well as the review of the critical speeds, are essential for the evaluation.

The bearing calculations are based on the respective standards and guidelines DIN31655 / 56, DIN 31652, VDI 2204 or for tilting pad bearings according to DIN 31 657.