Changes in the live steam pressure and the live steam temperature have a major influence on performance increases. The limit power of the turbine depends on the generator and, in the case of geared turbines, on the gearbox.

In addition to reducing the flow losses in the turbine through machine-specific adapted shaft seals and through the use of modern blade profiles in 3-dimensional design, it is possible to increase the performance increase by several percentage points. At the same time, the economic aspect of every turbine system increases considerably.

One for Turbine GmbH supports its customers in:

• Aerodynamic calculations (flow losses, gap losses)
• Thermodynamic calculations: Determine the amount of steam, adjust the heat gradient, recalculate condenser parameters in the case of condensing turbines, redefine the tap pressures and tap volumes, etc.
• Optimization of the blade profiles
• Nozzle layout
• Recalculate the course of expansion
• Recalculation of the axial thrust (due to changes in the internal pressure gradient and the wheel chamber pressure)
• Recalculation of the blade bending forces
• Check stretch behavior
• Clutch and gearbox construction strength certificates
• Calculation of the bearing forces and bearing temperatures
• Checking the generator cooling air