The One for turbine GmbH has set itself the task of improving the operating conditions of the turbine for the customer or optimize.

In order to increase the performance and efficiency of turbines and to optimize their profitability, it is primarily necessary to minimize leakage losses.

The cause of the gap losses are the non-contact labyrinth seals, the gap widths of which play a major role in steam leaks. For safety reasons and to avoid rubbing damage, the gap widths cannot be selected as small as desired.

For One for Turbine GmbH, the actual data recording before and after opening the turbine - i.e. during dismantling - is particularly important and is documented accordingly.

We compare and evaluate these measurement logs with the results of the vibration analysis before the turbo line is switched off, with the optical findings and the values of the actual alignment.


With the help of gap loss calculations, the gap widths can be optimized so that the profitability of the turbines can be increased by up to 2% increase in efficiency in individual cases.
In addition, changes in the gap dimensions, e.g. Labyrinth games that are too large, negatively affect running behavior in the form of gap excitations.

Regular inspections allow the increase in clearance to be determined at an early stage by external measurements and One for Turbine GmbH can make recommendations for further operation.