Here is an excerpt from turbine types that have been revised by us:

  • Fabrikat AEG-Kanis: Full overhaul on pot turbine type KR20, KR25, KR32, KR36, full overhaul on parting joint turbine type VE40, VE80, GE20, GE25, GE32, GE40K, GE63
  • Fabrikat EKOL: Full revision of the split joint turbine, planetary gear and generator with 10 MW
  • Fabrikat Manufactured MAN / BLOHM & VOSS: Full revision of the MARC 2 split joint turbine and others up to 20 MW
  • Fabrikat ABB: Full overhaul of split joint turbine up to 50 MW
  • Fabrikat Alstrom: Full overhaul of part joint turbine up to 100 MW
  • Fabrikat BBC: Full overhaul of split joint turbine up to 45 MW
  • Fabrikat SIEMENS: Partial overhauls of pot and partial turbine turbines up to 800 MW