By increasing the thermal efficiency or increasing the internal turbine efficiency, a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions is possible with constant electrical power.

In addition to optimizing the sealing concept, One For Turbine GmbH also recommends improving the blade profiles of the output stages and optimizing the exhaust steam flows (outlet losses) behind the output stage; this increases the efficiency.

With extraction turbines, good efficiencies can be achieved by optimizing the control between the high-pressure and low-pressure parts of the turbine. Another possibility of increasing efficiency is achieved by optimizing the control stage (nozzles and blade profiles).

One for Turbine GmbH offers the following services:
• Aerodynamic calculations (flow losses, gap losses)
• Thermodynamic calculations (temperature curves, recalculating condenser parameters in the case of condensing turbines, etc.)
• Recalculation of the stage efficiency
• Minimize gap losses, optimize blade geometry
• Checking the inflow conditions (pressure loss, steam strainer)
• Recalculate and optimize partial load behavior, taps and withdrawals
• Check the turbine control and readjust if necessary